Author Interview – Suzie Ivy

Author Suzie Ivy in police uniform

What made you decide to write this book? What is your relationship to the person, period, or events you have documented?
I became a police officer at the age of forty-five and discovered mid-life, when children leave the nest, is the first step in your “me” future. My book is a testament that regardless of age or gender, you can do anything you set your mind to. I wrote Bad Luck Cadet & Officer to encourage others to take life by the horns and achieve their dreams.

What were you hoping to accomplish in writing your book? Is there a message from the person’s life or period in time that you were trying to convey to the reader?
In my twenties and thirties, I owned a small independent bookstore in Phoenix, Arizona. One of my favorite compliments from customers was asking why I always smiled. Seeing the humor in yourself and the world around us is the single most important message I hope to share in my writing.

How did you go about researching and organizing your book? Are there any tips you would give to other authors writing a similar book?
Originally, Bad Luck Cadet appeared on my blog and was later picked up by No Quarter Magazine as a serial. I wrote the posts directly from the weekly emails that I sent out describing the challenges, horrors, and accomplishments I faced every day while attending the police academy. Whether you plan to write your memoirs or not, journaling or an online blog is the best way to make writing a habit.

Are you working on another book? If ‘yes’, can you tell us about it?
Yes, my next book “Bad Luck in Small Town” is about a unique homicide investigation I led after becoming a detective. It’s filled with more Suzie Ivy humor along with debunking the C.S.I. television effect by showing truth is stranger than fiction and that little plastic baggies are never used to collect evidence.



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