Cover Reveal – Out of Sync

Out of Sync Book CoverImagine feeling quite liberated as a newly divorced woman whose children are ready to leave home at a time when your career is on an upward swing. Except, the author unexpectedly meets her soul mate, who whisks her off to another continent because of a professional opportunity. Arriving in their host country just as hijacked planes crash into the World Trade Center marks a defining moment in her life—they would never return to South Africa like her new husband had promised. Feeling adrift in a topsy-turvy world, she struggles with feelings of guilt for not being ‘there’ for her children and aging mother. Out of Sync is a story about the immense impact of change on relationships; it stands for marital endurance at a time when global values are on a downward swing.


About the Author

Belinda NicollBelinda Nicoll is originally from South Africa and has been a citizen of the United States since 2010. She and her husband, Bruce, love traveling and share a keen interest in cultural diversity. Their journeys and careers have taken them through large parts of Southern Africa and America, Europe, Ireland, Canada, the Middle East, Mexico, and to exotic islands such as Mauritius, The Comores, St. Thomas, and St. John.

Belinda holds a BA degree in the social sciences and an MFA in Creative Writing. She was a talent agent and drama coach before venturing into the advertising world as copywriter. These days, she works as a teacher of creative writing and is writing her first novel, an epic mystery set in South Africa and the United States.