Author Interview – Barbara Brunner

What made you decide to write this book? My first dog as an adult was a doberman named Kashi. She was as much a child to me as my daughter and when she passed away from cancer at the ripe old age of seventeen, I began formulating her story in my head. After almost twenty years and eight additional dogs, my own brush with cancer, it was time to put thoughts to paper and share all of the hilarious stories that had entertained our friends for many years. No one could even begin … [Read more...]

Cover Reveal – Dog-Ma: The Zen of Slobber

Truth is stranger than fiction, or in this case, more hilarious. Dog-Ma: The Zen of Slobber will warm your heart, make you cry and have you laughing out loud! A must-read book for all animal lovers, the stories are told in short story form; intertwined into a tale spanning thirty-two years of dog rescuing, love, and loss. The vivid and dramatic stories are told with a wicked sense of humor, yet … [Read more...]